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Uh, hi... I'm new. ^-^ My name is Christina, but I don't answer to that, so you can call me Cris, Quisty, or Q-chan. Uhm, I reciently applied for La Soldiers, and I'm the new Mars, I think... I recieved this from Jess

"Hi there!

I'm Jess, "founder" uh.. big cheese? (I hate the word President. o_O) of La Soldiers. I'm actually very interested in you, your costumes are gorgeous and you seem like a very nice person! Plus, you're local. You have a great look to you. I was curious if you'd be interested in taking the role of Mars? I've bumped Ashley to Moon for '04 season (Except in one performance at Anime Oasis in Idaho) and we are neeeding to fill that role!

About Anime Oasis - we have a very big performance and if you'd like to attend with us, you're more than welcome to! We'll probably be needing villains, or possibly a Pluto, but Myu fuku are kind of pricey so we can discuss this later. ^^,

I just wanted to let you know that it's okay to feel iffy about your performance skills, but this is a full performance group (although at AX, unless we're doing a special performance and not competing, we don't get microphones so you just have to lip-synch.) and we do sing and dance. You're local, so it really isn't a problem since we can rehearse and teach you things and have lots of fun. ^^

Anyway, I'm sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I've been having serious computer problems. x__x

I look forward to hearing from you again!

- Jess
Eternally, Beautifully, La Soldiers.
http://www.sailorvenus.org/SailorV/lasoldiers/ "

I took that letter to mean a yes...
^-^ I'm also aquainted with Ashley usagichan and she's said nothing but great things about you (and subsequently showed me the way here) so uhm... HI!
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