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^^; We have a fan already!

I just want to say that I love your site and your organization. I am looking
for a Seramyu Performance group for myself to join but I cannot seem to find
one in my area. -_-;; I really want to join your group of cosplayers but I
believe that I live too far away to be of any help and I do not want to drag
anyone down. I cannot wait until your website is fully operational and
working. The new layout is beautiful by the way so keep up your hard work!

Another question. Do you know any Seramyu Performance groups in the
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Conneticut area? If you do,
could you please email me back with some info? I know you all are very busy
and I understand if you can't. I'd really like to communicate with some of
you because I'm going to be starting my own Seramyu costume for next year
and would appriciate any hints/ideas/things to not do.. etc. ^^;; If you
want to contact me, i have Live journal and AIM.
Both user names are (Kept private. Cast members, if you want it, just comment. :D) . Even if you don't respond to my email, I
still like your website so keep up the effort!! I can't wait until
convention pictures are up!

Thanks for your time!

And another person interested in Sera Myu cosplay. :3 Whee. I'm going to tell them they should start their own group. When you can't find a group to join, start your own. People come out of the woodwork and go hey! I like myu too! And there is much of the happiness then.

Yeah. I'm tired. 9_9;
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