Tenshi (locke_no_miko) wrote in lasoldiers,

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I have a bit of a problem. . .

OK, girls, I need your advice about my wig.

I currently have it pulled up in the ponytail. The only problem is that it looks horrible. Why? Because I have too much of my own hair stuffed under it. Yeah, if you don't know, my hair is waist-length. I've worn wigs before, but never pulled up. And unfortunately it's not working pulled up. Even though I wrapped my hair in little pincurls very close to my head, the wig doesn't fit, so you can see the wig cap a whole bunch.

Soooo. . .what should I do? I don't mind dyeing my hair temporarily. And once I get it up in a ponytail and curled, my hair works really well as Makoto. But I don't have any bangs ;_;.

::sigh:: I'm really sorry for all this trouble. I just want some feedback on what I should do ^^.
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