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I have a bit of a problem. . .

OK, girls, I need your advice about my wig.

I currently have it pulled up in the ponytail. The only problem is that it looks horrible. Why? Because I have too much of my own hair stuffed under it. Yeah, if you don't know, my hair is waist-length. I've worn wigs before, but never pulled up. And unfortunately it's not working pulled up. Even though I wrapped my hair in little pincurls very close to my head, the wig doesn't fit, so you can see the wig cap a whole bunch.

Soooo. . .what should I do? I don't mind dyeing my hair temporarily. And once I get it up in a ponytail and curled, my hair works really well as Makoto. But I don't have any bangs ;_;.

::sigh:: I'm really sorry for all this trouble. I just want some feedback on what I should do ^^.
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There are places that sell bangs if you really want to go the route. You'd just have to hide the elastic strip under your hair. That's a suggestion. Another way is try french-braids. Some people's hair works better with pin-curls, and some better french-braided. Hope I helped ^-^
the way you put your hair under the wig affects it tres much. I can help you do small braids and then wrap them around your head sorta and pin them in place. That's what I do and I have the ubermonster hair. ^^ No worries. If it really looks that bad, I can fix your wig at the con. I am the wig god. *hugs*
You could always try sewing some more hair into the wig. This would mean either taking the hair down and adding more fibers to the wig by stitching it to the cap of the wig,(you can try it with the hair up, too, but that's a little harder)

OR you can get another wig, take the first one down, and place the second one underneath and pull the hair of the second wig through the first one.